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Embedded Software Solutions

Kernelworks is a provider of consulting services and software solutions for real-time embedded systems. We specialize in GNU/Linux and Wind River Systems vxWorks RTOS.

Our specialty is development of board support packages, OS internals, device drivers, board level bring-up of new hardware, system software, and diagnostics.

We have extensive experience, a proven track record, and a commitment to providing affordable, solid, practical products and services. Please read more about us and contact us for more information on how we can contribute to the success of your project.

Kernel Development

  • GNU/Linux and vxWorks BSP development
  • New board bring-up
  • Customized boot-up
  • Hardware initialization & power-up self-test
  • Fault tolerance & error recovery, exception handling
  • Dual redundant boot images
  • Debugging: caching, performance, task prioritization
  • Low power modes and operation

Device Drivers

  • Driver development - new devices, porting
  • Customizing and performance tuning
  • Ethernet, PCI, serial, flash memory, I2C, SPI
  • Communications controllers: Embedded, SoC and IoT
  • Xilinx standard and proprietary cores; FPGA custom download
  • Deep Packet Processing: ASIC and FPGA based regular expression search

Project Infrastructure

  • Project consultation
  • Embedded Linux development environment setup and configuration
  • Tool chain installation and setup
  • Real-time Embedded Systems Training: vxWorks, embedded systems, performance
  • vxWorks, Tornado, RTOS development environment setup and configuration

System and Application Software

  • System architecture, design
  • VxWorks to Linux porting
  • Networking, communications
  • Command and control
  • Control plane, state machine, event management
  • I/O, data acquisition
  • Interprocessor communication