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Kernelworks is a provider of consulting services and software solutions for real-time embedded systems. We specialize in GNU/Linux and Wind River Systems vxWorks RTOS.

Our specialty is development of board support packages, OS internals, device drivers, system software, diagnostics, and board level bring-up of new hardware.

We have extensive experience, a proven track record, and a commitment to providing affordable, solid, practical products and services. Please read more about us and contact us for more information.

Products and Services

Kernel Development

  • GNU/Linux and vxWorks BSP development
  • Custom boot-up sequence
  • Hardware initialization & power-up self-test
  • Fault tolerance & error recovery, exception handling
  • Dual redundant boot images
  • Debugging: caching, performance, task prioritization

Device Drivers

  • Driver development - new devices
  • Porting device drivers
  • Customizing and performance tuning
  • Ethernet, PCI, serial, flash memory, I2C, SPI
  • FPGA download; standard and proprietary cores
  • Communications controllers e.g. PowerPC, PowerQUICC, SOC
  • DPI and regular expression

System and Application Software

  • System architecture, design
  • Networking, communications
  • Command and control
  • I/O, data acquisition
  • Interprocessor Communication

Diagnostic Software

  • High and low level diagnostics for engineering and lab use
  • Manufacturing diagnostic software
  • Automated diagnostic test suites
  • Contract Manufacturing board level test systems

Project Infrastructure

  • Project consultation
  • Real-time Embedded Systems Training: vxWorks, embedded systems, performance
  • Tool chain installation and setup
  • Embedded Linux development environment setup and configuration
  • vxWorks, Tornado, RTOS development environment setup and configuration